Beautiful Ceiriog valley to make your vacation memorable

Surprisingly, the Ceiriog beautiful valley is relatively undiscovered. This valley is only a few miles from the English border and the A5, the central tourist ways into North Wales. It has amazingly maintained its cultural heritage and unspoiled countryside. The Ceiriog Valley lies firmly to south and equivalent to the picturesque Vale of Llangollen. Another name of the Ceiriog Valley is ‘little Switzerland’ and gave rise to three famous poets. Undeniably, they are enthused by their love for their homeland. It is all the additional surprising. We may never have known the beauty of the valley if Lloyd George not spoken fervently in its defense.

In 1923, Parliament was requested to allow statutory powers to confiscate the upper waters of the River Ceiriog and to banish the local population living under an area of 13,600 acres. Thankfully, commonsensical prevailed, and the proposal was conquered. The highest waterfall in England and Wales is the Ceiriog Valley Pistyll Rhaeadr waterfall having 240 ft in the Tanat Valley.

Here are some of the exciting and interesting things that you can enjoy when you visit the Ceiriog valley. The ideas are it is the Valley of the Poets, its attractions at Glyn Ceiriog, Walking throughout the valley, pony trekking, fishing and mountain biking. One of the best things about this place is that it is the Valley of Poets. The Ceiriog Valley is the home to three noteworthy Welsh poets – John Ceiriog Hughes, Huw Morus, and Rev. Robert Ellis. If you want, you can learn more details about these three outstanding poets when you visit the valley and have fun in the meantime. For more information please visit here Travelazzi

Furthermore, you can go to Mountain Biking. The valley gives perfect territory for cycling and mountain biking. From gentle rides following the River Ceiriog to the energetic uneven terrain tracks on the mountain tops. In Glyn Ceiriog, Berwyn Mountain biking avails bike hire, equipment, and maps by dialing 44 1691 718845.

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