Fire Security measures by experts from Kiel

Defend your new building project from fire. Our specialist construction company will happily counsel you about the appropriate measures for your building project. In concert with our experts, we find the most proposed fire protection methods from Kiel for commercial and private sector construction projects. Kubau GmbH is the accurate contact for construction security in Kiel. From the fixing of necessary smoke sensors to the fitting of fire extinguishers and fire doors, our proficient company operates on all these difficulties. Future-proof construction jobs can be carried out with modern materials and with simultaneous cost reduction.

Drywall is the centre area. The setting up of firewalls is indicated with up-to-date dry structure. We deliver an excellent and cost-effective option to traditional fire protection procedure. Swift, secure and economical in comparison to outdated safety measures. Contemporary fire protection panels take a very important role in the fire safety of private and industrial dry building items.

Maurer Kiel presents individual answers for several structural actions. For current construction jobs, we lean on contemporary and economic protection settings with great excellent fire protection boards. In addition to the established standard constructions, our suppliers endlessly develop advanced protection options. We’ve got wide-ranging expertise. The substantial advantage of modern fire protection will benefit you. Most importantly, if structural and fire protection necessities should be collective with the economic interests of all engrossed.

Our services beneficial are cable ducts and Kabelabschottungen, partitioning for flammable and non-combustible pipes, all of manufacturers, channel clothing, fire protection joints, security for concrete and steel structures, fire protection ceilings, the shell of trapezoidal sheets and concrete ceilings. Besides, separation, shaft and firewalls, fire protection joints, smoke protection doors and tubular doors, rotating backfilling, drywall and acoustic works, specialized insulation, sound insulation systems, thermal insulation systems, and fire protection methods. We also conduct preparation and project preparation of fire safety steps and unconventional solutions in fire security on demand with specialist support.

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